Online marriage, games or traps-

Online marriage, game or trap?

The second drop point is who is the main force of online marriage?

  Young office worker was married to her husband, and Ms. Harbin brought her husband to court for bigamy and demanded a divorce.

So in Jinan, the provincial capital, not many people indulge in online marriage?

Has anyone caused a marriage crisis due to online marriage?

  The reporter learned from the Jinan Women’s Federation, the court and other relevant departments that the provincial capital has not yet caused divorce due to online marriage, but there are many cases of family conflict caused by online marriage.

According to media reports, although a man living near Beiyuan Street has been married and had children, he is immersed in the virtual world of the Internet all day.

Last November, he registered on the Internet with a stranger of the opposite sex to “marry”. His wife became furious when he knew it, and his family was almost disintegrated.

  On the afternoon of the 11th, the reporter saw in some Internet cafes such as Minghu Road, Shunyu District, Qipan District, Lishan Road, etc. Some young people were in love in the chat rooms of several domestic portals, which seemed very meaningful.

The owner of an Internet cafe in Qipan District told reporters that online marriage is very popular. Most of those who are keen on online marriage are young office workers, followed by students. They rush to the Internet cafe after work or after school to “love” the online audience.Some time.

  An administrator of an Internet cafe on Minghu Road said that online wedding couples usually have several wives or husbands. They often choose to have sex with online wives or husbands in Internet cafes. A few hours of chatting are sometimes busy.Don’t care about eating.

  A friend who had experience in online marriage told reporters that it is actually very simple to want to get online. Both parties send each other a message about wanting to get married to the designated person on the website, and the other party will verify it. After confirmation, the website will send a letter to congratulate, And publish a list of newcomers on some fixed sections of the community, to the world.

“Wedding” usually takes place in a chat room. It is very far away. When you get married, you must find a “legal” host in the community before you can enter the “dong”. At the same time, you must allow “relatives” and “Friends “have trouble” cave. ”

  Why are young people keen on online marriage?

  Real life is boring. Life is too stressful. Why are so many young people keen on online marriage?

When interviewing some Internet cafes, the reporter conducted a random survey of 10 online marriages. 4 people thought that real life was too dull and boring; 3 people said that life was too stressful and their wives had too much control, so they went online to relax; in additionThree people think that online marriage is more fashionable, and it is fun to find a few “lovers” on the Internet.

  In an Internet cafe near Lishan Road, Mr. Wang, who was married online, told reporters that the “wife” on the Internet is gentler and more considerate than his wife at home. He is not allowed to clean and wash clothes and cook.Very relaxed.

As long as you have time, you can relax in an Internet cafe and tell your “wife” on the Internet about your troubles, and your mood will be much better.

  And several middle school students who are surfing the Internet in Internet cafes told reporters that they find online marriage very exciting, because of psychological rebellion or imitation of adults, they unknowingly like online marriage.

A boy who was studying in the third grade told reporters that too many classmates around him had online marriage experience.

  The reporter found in the interview that most parents don’t know how online marriage is, and they don’t believe that their children will get online marriage.

Mr. Song, who lives in the northern section of Lishan Road, discovered by chance that his 17-year-old daughter had “married” to two men online and had “children”.

Later, after his bitter persuasion with his wife, his daughter “divorced” with the two men.

  ”I don’t know who invented online marriage. Isn’t this misleading the children?

“Mr. Song was angry.

  Jinan Women’s Federation: Online marriage warns of marriage crisis. During the interview, reporters found that some netizens believe that online marriage is actually a Platonic spiritual love, which can make up for their differences with their ideal marriage and stabilize the role of marriage.

Some netizens believe that online marriage is beyond the scope of the law and should enjoy full freedom.

  The relevant staff of the Civilization Office of Jinan City told reporters that according to statistics, there are currently more than 100,000 Internet users who have access to online marriage.

It is undeniable that online marriage, as a kind of spiritual trust, can relieve some people’s mental pressure. At the same time, for some married people, dating and dating online can sometimes avoid extramarital love in real life.

However, we must pay attention to everything. Online marriage has already challenged traditional marriage. People should treat online marriage as a game, and don’t take it seriously.

  The relevant person in charge of Jinan Women’s Federation also said that if online marriage exceeds a scope allowed by morals, it will become a hazard.

Especially for people with families, online marriage itself is an irresponsible performance.

At first, the two sides of online dating may not take it seriously.

But in fact, this is a warning of a marriage crisis, and emotional derailment may be a precursor to marriage.

If not handled properly, it is likely to affect real marriage.

  Professor Wang Zhongwu of the Department of Sociology of Shandong University said that the network seems to be omnipotent to transform the expansion of computers.

Most people cannot be 100% satisfied in real life, so they are pinning their hopes on virtual networks.

In the name of traditional morality, online weddings do more harm than good.

Once you are addicted to the Internet, you will temporarily delay time, and over time, you will leave your family or friends in real life alone.There is no doubt that as long as you are obsessed with online marriage, you are disrespecting your family. Although there is no mature law to define it, it has violated moral standards.

  Lawyers claim that online marriage does not constitute a crime of bigamy Du Chengjun (lawyer of Shandong Zhongcheng Renhe Law Firm): Some married people are now “marrying” online. From a legal perspective, this behavior does not constitute a bigamy crime.

In this regard, the parties to the online marriage did not go through the marriage registration formalities with the marriage registration authority, that is, the civil affairs department, in accordance with the law, so no real marital relationship was formed.

At the same time, because most netizens do not appear in real identity on the Internet, nor have they cohabited in a real sense, from these two perspectives, online marriage does not constitute a crime of bigamy.

  However, the “Marriage Law” requires the spouse to be faithful to each other, which includes both behavioral and emotional loyalty.

Although the two parties may never meet in online marriage, they have actually betrayed their spouse emotionally. They should be aware of their faults and should be liable for compensation.

  Viewpoint Record Online Marriage is just a game Dong Wei (female, 21 years old, college student): In fact, online marriage is very popular with young people. What you want, you can gradually surpass the happiness and hardship of marriage.

Marriage on the Internet does not have to be too restrictive, you do not need to leave your real name, and the two parties do not have to bear any responsibility. It is very exciting and relaxed, which is fun.

  Xin Dongjun (male, 28 years old, IT practitioner): Online marriage is not much different from online chat. How can it be considered an affair?

For some young people ‘s games, it ‘s best not to use the word morality to restrict them. It is also necessary to go online and go online. Is n’t it good to give young people more freedom?

  Wang Qingjiang (male, 33 years old, company manager): There is nothing wrong with online marriage. The key is how to treat online marriage.

If you get married for a long time, you will definitely have “aesthetic fatigue”, coupled with the pressure of real-life alternation, and you will be upset when you go home.

I was introduced by a friend, and I also started fashionable online marriage, which can be regarded as an escape from reality.

Online marriage returns to online marriage. I still treat my wife at home as always, and it has not affected our relationship at all.

  This is a “time bomb” Liu Zhen (male, 42 years old, civil servant): Online marriage is actually sexual prostitution, a collective “sexual prostitution” supported by high-tech, which is an indulgence that evades reality and morality.

Well controlled, it can reduce the chance of extramarital affairs, not only reduce the chance of couples quarreling; poor control, for the marriage is a “time bomb”, which can explode at any time.

  Kong Xiaoqi (female, 37 years old, middle school teacher): Online marriage is a very irresponsible practice for the family. This “spiritual love” is more terrible than physical derailment. If the husband is addicted to online marriage, the couple is likely toHaving different dreams in the same bed will eventually lead to the breakdown of the marriage. If the child is obsessed with online marriage, it will always delay his studies, and it may have one or another consequence, which is not good for the child’s growth.

  Zhang Xianpeng (male, 51 years old, university professor): Online marriage is not a real marriage, it is a bit like a child playing a house.

However, it now appears that the potential threat of online marriage to real marriage is too great. Many families of online marriage have already turned on the red light, suggesting that netizens still do not engage in online marriage.