Itching of the scalp is only because the washing is not enough –


Is the scalp itching just because it is not washed enough?

Below, let us know what is the scientific scalp conservation program through several judgment questions about scalp health.

銆€銆€The scalp is the thinnest skin on the body?

銆€銆€Analysis: wrong.

The skin of the sole is the thickest skin of the body.

The thickness of the scalp is only 1/50 of the skin of the sole, which is the second thinest skin of the whole body, second only to the skin around the eyes.

Therefore, like the skin around the eyes, the scalp needs to be treated more carefully than the skin of the face.

銆€銆€Is the shampoo too oily?

銆€銆€Analysis: wrong.
How much sebum can be produced by the sebaceous glands is mainly determined by genetics and changes with the level of androgen in the body, which is manifested by an increase in age and a decrease in oil production.

In addition, good rest and eating habits also help to reduce the greasy condition.

銆€銆€Is the scalp itching just because it is not washed enough?

銆€銆€Analysis: wrong.
Too low a frequency of shampooing in dirt and scale, and a large amount of microorganisms on the scalp, naturally cause a variety of scalp problems.

However, scalp itching may still occur at normal shampooing frequency. At this time, this is a stimulating reaction caused by a fracture, and it is not clean enough. Consider using an anti-dandruff shampoo.

If there is pruritus of the complication, it may also be an individual susceptibility problem. Pay attention to alleviate anxiety and keep your mood relaxed.

銆€銆€Scratching with your nails when washing your hair?

銆€銆€Analysis: wrong.
Finger scratching can cause scalp damage, slender infection, scalp problems, and hair loss due to pulling.

When using anti-dandruff shampoo products, the correct shampoo method is: firstly extract a rich shampoo foam in the palm, and then massage the scalp with a fingertip to achieve sufficient cleaning and anti-dandruff effect.

銆€銆€Does the anti-dandruff conditioner need not be applied to the scalp?

銆€銆€Analysis: wrong.
The conditioner without dandruff has no effect on the scalp, so it does not have to be applied to the scalp.

However, there is an anti-dandruff conditioner that must be in contact with the scalp to achieve dandruff, so it should be applied to the scalp.