Lip hair removal tips


Lip Sweat Removal Tips

Girls are not bothered by the thick hair on their lips, and they are easily moved. They are worried that they will grow thicker and darker, so here are two tricks for the sisters to help you simply get rid of “moustache”.

  Method one: bleach. Choose a special bleach for sweating, soak it with a cotton swab, apply evenly on the sweat, and wait for a while to wash it off.

  The bleach must be applied evenly, otherwise it will be covered if it is black and white.

Generally speaking, perspiration bleach is irritating, so the MM with sensitive skin should be used with care.

Another thing to remind everyone is that the smell of the hairy hairstyling agent is a bit harsh.

  Method two: The method of removing hair from the hair around the lips with a hair removal cream is very similar to the method of removing body hair from other parts of the body. Remember to use astringent water to tighten the pores after the hair removal, and add that cucumber juice is very naturalIt is very effective to condense water gradually, and it will be better if you can use some products that inhibit hair growth in the future.

  These are two methods of rehabilitation. If you want to get it done once and for all, you can also choose to go to a professional hospital for permanent hair removal.