What kind of soup to drink in winter health

What kind of soup to drink in winter health

After entering the winter, the weather is gradually getting colder and the climate is becoming drier. This season is most likely to get sick. At this time, a lot of tonic is needed. The best way to tonic is to drink soup.

So do you know that there are some winter health soups?

Today, Xiaobian recommends 5 winter health soups to nourish and warm up.

  Ingredients of Ginseng Lily Runfei Decoction: 15g of North American Ginseng, 30g of Lily, 5 figs, 18g of lean pork, 1 piece of Chenpi.

  Practice: 1.

First, wash the figs and cut them in half; 2.

Wash the lean pork, fly water, Beisha ginseng, Chenpi, lily clean; 3.

Put all the ingredients into the boiling water together, continue to use medium heat for about two hours, add a small amount of salt to season, you can replace it.

  Efficacy: North American ginseng, lily and fig all have the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs, moistening and clearing the throat, coupled with nutritious and nourishing pig lean meat, qi and spleen, dry skin of phlegm, and moisturizing throatThe effect of protecting vocal cords, smooth stool, and preventing hemorrhoids.

  Ingredients for red date milk pigeon soup soup: 12 grams of 100 parts, 4 red dates, 1 baby pigeon, 2 slices of ginger.

  Practice: 1.

Said one hundred, washed the red dates, add red dates to the core; 2.

The young pigeons are slaughtered and washed, and their hair claws are dirty and mixed, and they are boiled in boiling water for a while and washed; 3.

Put ginger and ginger into a clay pot, add 1500 ml of water (6 bowls). After the Wuhuo pot is boiled, change to a wenhuo pot for 2 hours, then add an appropriate amount of salt and replace the raw oil.

  This amount attracts 1?
For 2 persons, the young pigeons can be picked up and mixed with soy sauce.

  Efficacy: Guibai is flat and sweet, has the effect of warming the lungs and relieving phlegm and relieving cough.

It should be noted that those with phlegm-heat cough should not participate.

  Ingredients for five-fed Maotao black-bone chicken soup: One Wen’s black-bone chicken, 100g of five-fed hair peach, 200g of pork vertebrae, 25g of cilantro, three slices of ginger, three candied dates, and an appropriate amount of salt.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the Wen’s black-bone chicken, five-fingered peaches, tang, etc. into the soup pot; 2.

Swine the pork spine in boiling water and add it to the soup pot; 3.

Cut three slices of ginger into a soup pot, pour 10 bowls of water, and boil the water with a fierce fire, then change to a gentle fire pot for two hours; 4.

Season the soup with salt before serving.

  Efficacy: Zhishi has the effect of nourishing the spleen and dehumidifying. Wen’s black-bone chicken contains melanin, B vitamins, 18 amino acids and 18 trace elements, and the trace content is very low. This soup can strengthen the spleen, dampen the skin, and promote swelling, Qi and health.

  Ingredients for radish and catfish soup: catfish, white radish, shallot, ginger, flower carving wine, salt.

  Practice: 1.

After washing the catfish, drain it and wipe off the surface moisture with a kitchen towel.


Peel and cut radish; knot onions; slice ginger.


Heat the oil in the pot and stir-fry a few ginger slices. Add the anchovies and cook until the fish on both sides becomes discolored.


Add enough water (cold water, boiling water) into the pot, add onion and ginger, boil on high heat, add an appropriate amount of Huadiao wine, and continue cooking until the wine dissipates.


Remove the foam and turn to medium heat, keep it boiling, cover and simmer until the soup is white (about 30 minutes).


Add radish sticks, continue cooking for about 10 minutes, add some salt, and cook slightly.

  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, digestion and stagnation, moisturizing eyesight.Sturgeon soup has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, suitable for consumption in autumn and winter.

  Ingredients for garden vegetable keel soup: 1 pig keel, 1 carrot, 2 celery, 10 mushrooms, 1 corn, 8 slices of ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the keel, add it to a cold water pan and heat to a boil, then pour off the water; 2.

Then, wash the keel, put it into a casserole, add enough cold water, add ginger slices, spring onions, boil over high heat, then turn to low heat, skim off the floating foam;

After 1 hour, add carrots and continue to cook. After 1 hour, add mushrooms, corn and celery, continue to cook for about 20 minutes, and finally add an appropriate amount of salt and MSG.

  Efficacy: Various vegetables are added during stewing. The combination of meat and vegetables can improve the quality and utilization of food protein.

It can also promote the absorption of iron in intake, improve the expected ratio of calcium and phosphorus, ensure the balance and excess of fat solubility and vitamin and vitamin replacement, and provide sufficient supplementary fiber.