Three Principles for Smart Woman Care Products Investment


Three Principles for Smart Woman Care Products Investment

The price of skin care products, from tens to thousands of yuan, allows each woman to keep her beautiful dream.

How to maximize maintenance benefits within your own budget?

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  The three principles of investing in care products clearly classify the standard price of basic care products with the price of cosmetics. At the same time, everything from double digits to five digits is available, but there is always an average value band where most products have similar prices, at this average priceThe products under the belt, although very cheap, are difficult to meet your diverse maintenance needs.

  Makeup remover products, essence products are the key to investing in incomplete makeup removal, which will lead to a series of problems in subsequent maintenance. Similarly, essence products can break through and deliver the most effective maintenance ingredients to the skin, so some products areThe investment plan is top priority.

  Special care products are not necessary. For most young women, before the age of 30, many special care products are redundant expansions, such as high-performance facial masks, eye masks, etc., it is difficult to produce amazing maintenance effects, but it is better to invest in moisturizingBasic care products.

  Opinion: Keep in mind the principle of priority on makeup remover and serum. As for other products, some standards can be slightly lowered, especially for cleansing products. For young skin, it can be cleaned thoroughly without additional functions.

There are also non-basic skin care products such as masks. As long as the skin is properly maintained, it is not needed at all.

  Opinion: The main effect of cream products is to help lock the effective ingredients of products such as serums, so choose a basic cream. Instead, the essence products need to increase investment to improve skin problems more accurately and effectively.As skin problems increase with age, investment in special care products is also required to target specific skin problems such as wrinkles and spots.