New York brother starts yoga decompression

New York brother starts yoga decompression

Some doctors think the findings are significant.

“We don’t have precise numbers, but it affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK,” said Paul Nandy, a pain treatment consultant at the University College London Hospital.

He said, taking chronic headaches and pain as an example, it is estimated that the British spend 16 billion pounds (about 25.6 billion US dollars) each year.

  Taxi is a very important public place in the city, and my brother (taxi driver) is probably one of the hardest working people in the city.

American media reported that in order to soothe bones and physiology, some New York brothers started practicing yoga.

  In 2008, a report from the American Institute of Occupational Health and the Columbia University of New York showed that three-quarters of Columbia ‘s buttocks suffer from hip pain in New York.Or foot pain symptoms, more than half of the brothers are overweight-because their average work week is 60 hours, and they are sitting almost all the time.

  Brother Thomas of New York is a book on yoga training classes. He is 54 years old and 1 in height.

88 meters, weighing 263 kg.

Thomas said that he works 12 hours a day, except for driving, buying fast food and coffee, going to the toilet, and having to sit in the car. He has no time to do anything else. “I sit for a long time, like a cookie in a tin.”.
In addition to muscle pain, because my brother needs to pay full attention to the road conditions, he said, “My eyes have also turned red. You can see the bloodshot in my eyes. Sometimes I am really scared by these bloodshots.

Thomas also said: “I practice taxi yoga.

After practicing, there is no more road rage, and he becomes a wise man on the road.

“On Monday night’s yoga class, the floor was paved with 9 yoga mats, and 56-year-old yoga teacher Andrew is demonstrating to the students.

Andrew has gone to India, the “hometown” of yoga, to learn from India. For the past 7 years, he has been helping his brother in New York practice yoga.

Andrew said, “I have 9 textbooks in total. They are really good. They will learn how to stretch the hips and legs.

I will teach them how to eat better and teach them breathing exercises.

If the brothers drive with pain, they will become dangerous.

“Andrew has been a taxi driver since the 1970s. He has taught himself yoga and Tai Chi.

In essence, he began to persuade the brother to practice yoga.

His yoga classes are 4 times an hour and the tuition is $ 20.

There are 16 million people practicing yoga in the United States. In 1976, that number was 5 million.