Rope skipping at the right time

Rope skipping at the right time

Rope skipping is a very ecological fitness exercise, and the cost itself is not very high, as long as a skipping rope is good. As a whole-body exercise, skipping rope has many functions and has a great impact on the body. Skipping ropeIt can exercise muscles, muscles throughout the body, and also has excellent weight loss effects. In addition, it also has excellent effects on cardiopulmonary function.

  Many people like skipping ropes, especially women, to lose weight by skipping ropes and achieve perfect body shape. This is very effective. Many people have achieved perfect body shape and gained self-confidence. Skipping ropes exercise calf muscles, and alsoExercise the coordination of hands and feet, these are the benefits of skipping rope.

  The benefits of choosing a skipping rope for muscle training: skipping rope can improve muscle mass and increase muscle mass in all parts of the body.

Many people think that skipping is the exercise of leg muscles, especially calf muscles.

In fact, in addition to exercising the explosive power of calf muscles, skipping ropes can also exercise other parts of the muscles.

In the process of skipping rope, you first need to cooperate with your hands and feet to skip rope. This includes arm muscles (forearm muscle groups), shoulder muscles (delta muscles), and leg muscles (quadriceps, biceps femur).The buttocks muscles, as well as the abdominal muscles, are the core muscle groups of the human body to maintain the stability of the human body.

In general, skipping ropes exercise almost every muscle in the body.

  The benefits of choosing a skipping rope for weight loss: If you can extend the skipping rope for more than 30 minutes each time, it is equivalent to jogging for 90 minutes. This amount of exercise has completely exceeded the volume of oxygen exercise, which is quite effective for weight loss.
General running weight loss for more than 30 minutes will have a significant exercise effect.

The slightly longer skipping rope strength is very suitable for the strength of the human adult’s highest metabolic rate, and more conducive to the body’s adult metabolism.

  The benefits of choosing skipping ropes for cardiopulmonary exercise: Studies show that regular skipping ropes can enhance the human respiratory system, the cardiovascular capacity of the human body, and the maximum oxygen uptake of the human body.

Of course, in the process of skipping rope, according to the requirements of the practitioner, you can choose different rope skipping methods.

For example, if you want to exercise the maximum oxygen uptake of the human body, you can choose to jump quickly, that is, to perform the maximum number of rope skipping exercises in about 20 seconds.

If you want to improve the function of the respiratory system, you can choose a continuous skipping rope of medium or lower strength.

  Choosing skipping is one of the most popular, most convenient and most cost-effective fitness exercises: skipping is suitable for most age groups, children as small as kindergarten, and seniors as old as 60 or 70 can choosePerform fitness exercises.

Rope skipping is also a convenient fitness exercise. It does not require a large fitness field, as long as there is 3 to 4 square meters of space, you can start skipping.

Skipping is also a cheap fitness exercise. You can buy skipping ropes on the market for a few dollars. If you have a long rope at home, you can also make skipping ropes for fitness exercises.

  Skipping rope is a sport that saves money, is convenient, requires a small amount of space, and is very practical. Therefore, it is loved by many people. Many people do get a good body and good body through skipping rope.At the same time, it also has the characteristics of perfect body sculpting, so that your figure becomes more symmetrical and perfect.