Tonic Qi and Blood Sambo often accompanied

Tonic Qi and Blood Sambo often accompanied

Chinese yam, barley, and lotus root are the three treasures of nourishing qi and blood, and are respected as top grades in Shennong’s Materia Medica.

“Every medicine of the highest quality should be taken for a long time, and it should be matched with the caregiver of the grain to achieve longevity test.”

  The same advice is often given to frail elderly people, congenital underage children, and those who are seriously ill.

That is to go to drink yam barley rice porridge.

Some people say that drinking porridge just works?

Can qi and blood grow quickly?

If you don’t get bloody while drinking porridge, then there seems to be nothing to supplement.

Ordinary foods, even those that can increase qi and blood, we want to get its nutrition, we must first introduce some qi and blood to digest and absorb it, but for people with too weak qi and blood, this qi and blood cannot be obtainedIt comes out, and yam, barley, and glutinous rice are good medicine and food that can directly supply our qi and blood without requiring us to spend extra.

  Yam and yam have the properties of Gan Ping, qi and yin tonic, qi tonic without stagnation and getting angry, yin tonic without wet taste, the most peaceful product for cultivating qi, and has been widely praised by medical practitioners.Outline “Yun: Yishenqi, spleen and stomach, diarrhea, phlegm, moisturizing fur.

“Jingyue Quanshu” cloud: Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and tonic, nourish the essence and strengthen the kidney, cure all kinds of deficiencies, treat five injuries and seven injuries .

“Pharmaceutical Pharmacology” cloud: Chinese yam warms up without flashing, it is slightly fragrant but not dry, it has the function of regulating lungs, curing lung deficiency and long-lasting cough, why it is stable.

  At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Xichun, the most famous medical doctor, respected this medicine even more. In his medical monograph “Medicine and Chinese Medicine”, he repeatedly used high-dose raw yam blindly, and he treated many of these large asthma and diarrhea.Uncritical and critically ill.

The words: “The nature of yam can nourish yin and dampness, smooth and astringent.

By virtue of its ability to nourish the lungs, kidneys, and spleen and stomach . It is the highest quality in the nourishing medicine, and its characteristics are very peaceful.

“The diversity of yam varieties has the best quality in Huaiqing, Henan.

So usually yam is also called Huaishan (or Huaishan).

Medicinal ingredients are usually dried.

There are two kinds of pharmacy: fried yam and raw yam.

It is better to use dried yam.

  If you feel that your body has moisture, such as effusion, edema, eczema, abscess and other problems related to muddy water in your body, 薏 Mi is your best helper.

  ”Yinren is the most beneficial to the water, so as not to deplete the true yin qi. It is the most suitable for those who are wet in the lower body.” The barley is slightly cold.

Li Shizhen said that pregnant women should not take it, but also because they are afraid that the water is too much, and the amniotic fluid is also dry.

  The main effect of indica rice is to strengthen the spleen and dampen the spleen, which can nourish the lungs and relieve phlegm.

Therefore, this product is also used to treat the symptoms of lung heat, lung and lung.

Used with yam, they complement each other and lack complementarity.

“Yam and barley are all medicines to replenish the spleen and lungs, but yam alone will lose the stickiness for a long time, and barley rice alone will lose the infiltration for a long time.

“Modern doctors have reported that 50 grams of two drugs each, and daily porridge, have obvious effects on ascites in liver cirrhosis.

Why bother to wait until the illness is so serious before drinking porridge?

On weekdays, it is not a wise move to make flour and porridge for both, and this porridge is delicious and long-wearing.

Or some people say that porridge has a medicinal taste and is sour and bitter, which is probably because the quality of your ingredients is not good.

Due to different varieties, some yam may have a little sour taste, but it does not affect the deliciousness of porridge.

  The Chinese yam barley rice in front of Zhishi seems to have completely divided the words of Yimei. In fact, otherwise, Zhishi, even its distinctive beauty.

If you are “out of disease” and “missing disease”, it is really a powerful hand that holds you up.

Don’t let your blood emanate.

  Some people have diarrhea for a long time, and go down to the valley. Some people have spermatorrhea, which is irresistible. Some people have frequent urination at night and can’t sleep well.

The Qing Dynasty physician Chen Shixuan said the best: “Zi Shi stops pain in the waist and knees, makes the ears and eyes smart, eats for a long time and prolongs life, and treats it as normal.To the wet sputum in the spleen and stomach, that is, the true water in the kidney.

“So it is said that Xiushi is an excellent first choice for strengthening the spleen and kidney.

If we can go hand in hand with yam, the effect of nourishing is even better.  Chinese yam, barley, and barley are brothers who seek the same, all have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

But when they are used, they have different emphases. Yam can supplement the five internal organs, the spleen, the lungs, and the kidneys.

It also has astringent power.

Barley rice, spleen and clearing the lungs, benefiting the water and benefiting the stomach, supplementing the clear, in order to remove wet and turbid.

Zhishi, strengthening the spleen and kidney, stopping diarrhea and remnants, generally converges.

Some people add three medicines to make powder and porridge and then add jujube to treat anemia, and the effect is significant.

  Although these three flavors of congee have many benefits, many people suffer unfortunately.

People who have too much turbid air in their bodies will feel full after drinking this porridge.

People who are too hot will have chest tightness and discomfort, and those with blood stasis and blockage will have increased pain, as well as dryness and blood dryness, cold and asthma, short urination, and hot constipation.

This is like if you want to attract Qingquan, you must first drain the sewage, “Chen blood will not go, new blood will not be born, turbid gas will not be removed, and clear qi will not be stored.”

  I tried a few different methods, and in the end I still felt yam, barley, glutinous rice with mung beans, and porridge cooked with white sugar.

You might as well try it.