Test your ability to defeat workplace villains

Test your ability to defeat workplace villains

The times are advancing, and office politics is becoming increasingly complex.

If you don’t pay attention, you will fall into the trap of others. The most terrible thing is that you are still counting the money for the guy who framed you!

The villain in the office is really annoying. Do you have a way to deal with these annoying ghosts?

Or are you helpless with him?


Do you consider yourself a humorous person?

  Yes-2 No-7 2.

Do you think platinum is more valuable than gold?

  Yes-4 No-3 3.

Will you run away because your parents don’t agree with your relationship?

  Yes-9 No-13 4.

Do you like to plant plants on you?

  Yes-5 No-9 5.

Do you often have nightmares late at night?

  Yes-7 No-6 6.

Has your boss praised you in public?

  Yes-10 No-12 7.

Do you think your life is very depressed?

  Yes-12 No-3 8.

Have you ever been lost?

  Yes-19 No-18 9.

If you are traveling, do you want to go to the beach?

  Yes-14 No-8 10.

Do you like alcoholic beverages?

  Yes-12 No-11 11.

If friends ask you for a treat, would you take them to fast food?

  Yes-15 No-16 12.

Do you like collecting limited edition toys from KFC or McDonald’s?

  Yes-13 No-11 13.

Do you think the current living conditions are what you want most?

  Yes-8 No-16 14.

Would you cut two ribs for a friend?

  Yes-18 No-20 15.

If one day you want to lose your most treasured things to complete your career, will you take the initiative?

  Yes-16 No-17 16.

Can you stay calm in the face of crisis?

  Yes-23 No-22 17.

Do you like the fairytale romantic love mode?  Yes-18 No-23 18.

“Take a step back to the sea and the sky” Do you think this sentence is correct?

  Yes-22 No-24 19.

Do you think your family is more important than your job?

  Yes-21 No-31 20.

Like a lemon-flavored shampoo?

  Yes-24 No-25 21.

Are you a neat person?

  Yes-24 No-26 22.

Are you always avoiding colleagues of the opposite sex?

  Yes-25 No-26 23.

Have your friends come to comfort you when your life was most lost?

  Yes-25 No-26 24.

Do you admire those who insist on their opinions?

  Yes-A No-B 25.

Did your childhood dream come true?

  Yes-C No-E 26.

Do you like being your own boss?

  Yes-D No-CA.

The ability to defeat the villain in the workplace is 0 points. You want to be a good person. Although you will say that you are a ruthless character at home, you will not dare to speak when you go out!

  A typical mouse carries a gun in the nest, and it only evades reality. It is relatively mild in personality, but for the nasty ghosts, there are some ways.

  Usually there is only one trick, which is to change your mindset, or to move away from this place!

  The typical Ah Q spirit sometimes has to be tough in front of nasty ghosts, and rabbits need to bite when they are anxious!


The ability to defeat the villain in the workplace is 40 points. You are an impulsive person!

  Violence is usually used to control violence. If someone may resist or make difficult your hard-working plan, you will scold that person on the spot, but then it makes this thing more and more difficult to solve!

  So you have to work hard to restrain your bad temper. Although the other party is annoying and disgusting, after all, it is a bad thing to set up too many enemies for yourself in the same company. Learning how to tolerate others is your biggest paperOh.

The ability to defeat the villain in the workplace is 60 points. You are both injured!

  You are a person who has confidence in yourself, so once you meet a nasty ghost, you must follow him to the end!

  This method of breaking your dead net will not only ruin the other party, but also ruin your future future!

  So although you have a way to get rid of the nasty ghost, you will also be injured. This kind of sitting-on self-destruct method is no longer popular. Do n’t just rush forward, and occasionally go roundabout!


The ability to defeat the villain in the workplace is 80 points. You are based on Rou Kegang!

  I started to talk about the offense of the other party. If the other party is still obsessed, use other methods to solve the problem, let the nasty ghost eat a soft nail here, and it ‘s hard for you to say it to other colleagues.In front of you, you also have a reputation for tolerance.

  This method is really good to deal with nasty ghosts, but this method will leave a little sequelae. Some colleagues may think that you are a too smooth person, not very reliable.


You have 100 points to defeat the villains in the workplace. You win with wisdom.

  Usually there are two ways for such a person. The first method is to ask someone to deal with that nasty ghost, for example, they may bite their ears with the boss.

  The second method is to pretend to be in front of the nasty ghost and wait for the moment to get him right away. It is estimated that the nasty ghost did not know who did it at that time!


You are really familiar with Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Do n’t say that you are resourceful in your office politics, you may have a bright future!