5 steps to create a flawless base makeup

5 steps to creating a flawless base

Do n’t think that acne can only grow if you have lush sebum in the summer. Dry skin and frequent overeating in the autumn and winter seasons are more likely to cause a large outbreak of acne on your face. The acne group on your face keeps you from starting.

Face annoying acne marks and freckles, add some harder concealer pens appropriately, or borrow cotton swabs.

The following 5 steps to create a seamless base makeup must be learned!

  STEP1: For small spots, a pencil concealer is of course the best choice.

When applying, use a larger area than the spot, and push it away better.

  STEP2: Using a cotton swab, gently blur the edge of the concealer applied in STEP1, and try not to touch the flaw itself.

  Step 3: Use your middle finger to gently press the concealer to better blend with the skin tone, prevent floral makeup or replacement, and make the makeup more natural.

  STEP4: Use your fingers to dip an appropriate amount of solid concealer, as shown in the figure, tap on the double of the nose and near the corner of the mouth.

  STEP5: Gently tap with the middle finger to make the concealer fit better with the skin, drive away the reddish and dull complexion, and the skin appears fresh and transparent.

  How to use concealer for uneven skin such as nose, corner of mouth?

The answer is: After the point absorption, gently push away with your fingers!