Having hydrating skin in winter is not a dream


Having hydrating skin in winter is not a dream

Everyone is eager to have a beautiful and balanced skin, but it is always difficult to achieve the ideal state.

Especially in winter, the dry climate and air-conditioned rooms double hinder our wet dreams.

In fact, as long as you recognize your skin texture and find the correct and targeted balance law, you can keep the skin level balance and achieve your hydration dream.

  First, the law of dry skin balance The dry sebum secretion of dry skin is relatively reduced, so the skin is dry, the epidermis is thin and fragile, the skin’s ability to lock water and protect itself is “bornly inadequate”, and water is easily lost.

When exposed to external environmental stimuli such as low-temperature cold wind in winter, the skin’s lack of water becomes more serious. Red bloodshot, peeling, dry lines and other problems make dry skin trouble.

  The key to dry skin’s moisturization. For dry skin condition to maintain moisture balance, the key is to moisturize and lock water efficiently.

Let’s see what skincare combinations can help achieve a hydrated skin balance.

  1. The key to moisturizing is to strengthen the skin’s lipid film while quenching thirst.

When the skin’s own water-holding ability is improved, the moisturizing ingredients are firmly locked, giving the skin a constant moisturizing power, so as to fundamentally change the dry and fragile skin condition.

  2. Moisturizing skin care: Moisturizing water restores skin hydration and transports moisture to deep cells.

  DERMINA Soothing and Moisturizing Water-Moisturizing RMB 165 / 200ml (exclusively sold by Oumei Cosmeceuticals). True fragrance-free, alcohol-free, natural sugar and glycerin, highly effective moisturizing.

Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 fight free radicals.

Floods, soothes calm skin.

Copper gluconate restores skin vitality.

  3. Gentle cleansing: The skin will become sensitive when it is too dry, and the cleaning process needs to be gentle to reduce skin irritation and have moisturizing effect.

  Hydrating: The mask can instantly fill the skin with water and help the skin adjust to a good state.

  4. Efficient water lock: The cream strengthens the skin’s hydrolipidic film and locks the moisture inside the skin.

  Ou Cui Bi plant moisturizing cream 285 yuan / 50ml (exclusively sold by Oumei Cosmeceuticals) Unsaturated fatty acids extracted from blue thistle plants help repair the skin’s hydrolipidic film and restore skin elasticity.

  5, sun protection: effective sun care can not only isolate pollution and irritation, but also achieve long-lasting moisturization.

  Second, the law of oily skin balance Oily skin has strong sebum secretion, and the T-shaped area is often shiny.

Even the “greasy face”, oil-absorbing paper is used one by one, but the symptoms are not the root cause.

Continuous use of oil-absorbing tissue paper can only make the surface of the skin free of oil temporarily, but it will cause the skin to send out the error signal of “oil shortage” and cause the excessive replication of oil, so as a result, the skin becomes more and more oily.

Ben thought that it could be improved in the winter, but the problem became more and more serious. Acne and shine did not stop for a moment.

  The crux of oily skin is the internal lack of water, which leads to the imbalance of water and oil, so the key to balance lies in the two-pronged approach to oil control and hydration.

  The key to moisturizing oily skin is to clean and control the oil while paying attention to hydration. Only by saturating the deep cells of the skin can we control sebum secretion from the source and truly achieve the ideal effect of water-oil balance.”Beauty” beauty.

  1. Thoroughly clean: Remove the dirt and excess grease from the two capillary holes, and lay the foundation for skin care in the future.

  2, soothing and oil control: a multi-purpose cleansing water that soothes and calms the skin while suppressing excessive oil secretion.

  Ou Cui Bi Plant Detoxifying Cleansing Water 35 yuan / 500ml (exclusively sold by Ou Mei Cosmeceuticals) 4 in 1 cleanser that combines cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and inhibiting oil secretion, which can be cleaned gently and thoroughlyDirt and makeup on the face and eyes suppress excessive oil secretion and keep skin fresh and refreshed.

  3, deep hydration: solve the problem of dry skin inside, at the same time have both moisturizing, oil control effect, multi-ply, farewell to shine.

  Nuxe All Weather Plant Moisturizing Refreshing Milk 300 yuan / 50ml (exclusively sold by Oumei Cosmeceuticals) The unique concept of “plant aromatic milk” combined with oil balance compound guarantees long-lasting “moisturizing and non-shine” effect on skinGreen fruit tightens large pores.

After use, the skin reaches the ideal state of water and oil balance.

  4, refreshing sunscreen: no injection of pores or acne, isolation of external stimuli at the same time, it has a repair effect, improving dull yellow skin tone.

  DERMINA Soothing Natural Sunscreen SPF30 + PA +++ 228 yuan / 50ml (exclusively sold by Oumei Cosmeceuticals) lotion is a physical sunscreen that is refreshing and easy to absorb without blocking pores or causing acne.

Natural ivory color suitable for Asian female races, can be used as foundation, real fragrance-free and alcohol-free, safe and effective.