Winter Epoxy 4 Acupoints Strengthen Your Own Resistance

Winter Epoxy 4 Acupoints Strengthen Your Own Resistance

The fundamental purpose of TCM is to improve the quality of life, but only more diseases can achieve this goal.

Many people are of poor quality, and naturally suffer from constant diseases. How can they talk about true health?

  Therefore, it is important to adhere to the correct habits in life. In addition, the knowledge of Chinese medicine that you master can also be of great help to your health.

The resistance points Fengchi and Fengfu are located at the depression behind the mastoid. They belong to the foot Shaoyang gallbladder-biliary qi and blood, which becomes heat-yang fengqi after absorbing heat, hence the name.

During operation, the tip of the needle punctures 0 towards the nose.

5 inches, can also be flat.

At home, you can fix it with four fingers and twist your thumbs hard to achieve the degree of soreness.

  Fengchi acupoints have a good therapeutic effect on headaches, dizziness, insomnia, pillows, and facial diseases. Pressing more than one will usually not cause physical injury.

  Quchi Acupoint Quchi Acupoint belongs to the large intestine meridian of the hand Yangming. It is located on the outside of the arm.

During the massage, you can hold the elbow on the opposite palm, press the thumb down firmly, and reach the soreness during the kneading process. Repeat three times.

  Quchi acupoints are helpful for various fevers, adverse upper limbs, and complications. Female friends with irregular menstruation can often stimulate this acupoint.

  Hegu Acupoint Hegu Acupoint is a commonly used acupuncture point for traditional Chinese medical health. The positioning is very simple-the highest point of muscle bulge after thumb and palm are brought together.

It is often used clinically as an acupuncture point for hemostasis and pain, and care should be taken to avoid the following bone structure during operation.

  Because it belongs to the large intestine, it has a certain therapeutic effect on various lung diseases. In addition, problems such as constipation and amenorrhea can also be alleviated here.

  Zusanli acupoint Zusanli is too high a photo appearance, but because the leg blood is gathered here, it is also the focus of the acupoint health.

Zusanli is located on the stomach meridian, which has the effects of drying the spleen and moistening the stomach, and because the meridians pass through the legs, it also relieves cough, asthma, softness of the waist and knees, and abdominal distension.

  When sitting, Zusanli is located three inches below the outer knee, similar to the horizontal finger outside the bone.

Press the kneading to achieve a soreness, then extend the calf from bottom to top with both palms, and rub the legs repeatedly from top to bottom.