Where to go for dental implants-Old Age Precision Seeds and Precision Instant Use

Where to go for dental implants-“Old Age Precision Seeds” and Precision “Instant Use”

At present, dental implants have attracted the attention of the majority of patients with missing teeth. With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of dental health awareness, more people are concerned about oral health, especially in the field of dental implants. So which one is the best dental implant technology?What about species?
  At the “Sino-German Dental Precision Medicine and Digital Implant Summit Forum and Sino-German Dental Precision Technology Cooperation Signing Ceremony” held recently, the majority of dental hospitals have achieved fruitful results, and they have created an “old-age precision seed” that is uniquely used in the Guangdong Love Dental Project.And precision “immediate use” of two new dental implant technology, was rated as “Sino-German precision dental implant demonstration technology.”
中德专家围绕“口腔精准医学”和“高龄精准种”展开热烈讨论德国专家悉心聆听广大口腔医院专家“高龄精准种”及精准“即刻用”种植技术专题演讲  “高龄精准种”种植牙技术突破种牙年龄限制  成功填补口腔精准医学技术缺口  在中德高峰论坛现场,作为“口腔精准医学”核心演讲专家的广大口腔医院王玉法博士,提出了一项精准种植牙新技术“高龄精准种”,引起The attention of the participating experts.
It is understood that “Old Age Precision Seeds” is the latest dental implant technology developed for elderly teeth implants. Its unique advantage lies in effectively avoiding the “alveolar bone thinness, relatively loose bone,Seven major pain points, such as surgical intolerance, long recovery time, weak osseointegration, and difficult dental implants, have achieved “more accurate surgery, shorter duration, more comfortable procedures, faster recovery, unlimited age,” and have been successfully filled.Dental precision medicine technology gap.
广大口腔医院的“高龄精准种”技术获评“中德精准种植牙示范技术”中德专家热议广大口腔医院“高龄精准种”中德种植牙示范技术  精准“即刻用”更适合高难种牙  同时登顶口腔种植牙技术新高峰  本次大会上,来自广大口腔医院的侯国镇主任在《精准“即刻用”临床操作技巧》的主题演讲中所提出的精准“即刻用”新技术同样在Academic exchanges shine.
This new precision “immediate” dental implant technology and “advanced precision implantation” can be called the “technical twins” in the dental industry.
It not only breaks through the limitations of traditional blind seeding, but also realizes visual precision planting.
It also narrows the contraindications for tooth implantation, widens the indications for dental implants, and achieves minimally invasive and painless, ready-to-use, so that patients with ultra-high age and complicated oral conditions can also achieve tooth implantation.
广大口腔医院的精准“即刻用”技术获评“中德精准种植牙示范技术”中德专家热议广大口腔医院精准“即刻用”中德种植牙示范技术  精准种植牙技术获盛赞  “精准医学领跑者”广大口腔名副其实  率团出席本次高峰论坛的KZBV德国联邦口腔医师协会会长StefanB?Professor hm, after listening to the lectures by Dr. Wang Yufa and Director Hou Guozhen, said that digital precision technology is the development direction of the dental implant field and the future.
The majority of the oral cavity regards “oral precision medicine” as the development direction and technical positioning, which is in line with the development law of oral medicine and is very forward-looking.
In particular, the “old-age precision seed” and precise “immediate use” dental implant technology, which are rated as “Sino-German precision implant demonstration technology”, are also advanced technologies in Germany.
German experts praised the vast number of dental hospitals as “the front runners of oral precision medicine”. China and Germany jointly established the Oral Precision Medicine Technology Center. The four major German dental doctors personally supported the majority of oral “technical consultants”. When German experts learned thatIn the field of dental precision medicine, it was decided to set up the Sino-German Digital Precision Implantation Technology Research Center, the Sino-German Dental Precision Medicine Technology Cooperation Center, and the German Dental Precision Implantation Technology Demonstration Base with the majority of dental hospitals3Large clinical center and precision medicine base.
At the same time, the four authoritative experts in the German stomatology field—KZBV StefanB?
Professor hm, MSC precision planting lecturer UweJ?
Professor Nisch, Professor Angelika Frankenberger, Founder of the German Zahnwelt Dental Aesthetic Center, and Professor HorstWeber, DGZI Dental Implants Professor, Germany, have decided to serve as “advanced precision medical technology consultants” for the majority of dental hospitals, providing all-day academic and technology for the development of dental precision medicine in the general dental hospitalstand by.
“Sino-German Digital Precision Implantation Technology Research Center” and other three dental precision medical technology research and application centers and bases settled in the majority of dental hospitals Stefan B?
hm教授领衔德国四大口腔名医担任广大口腔医院精准医学“技术顾问”  数字精准种植术破解高难种牙  市民轻松体验“中德精准种植示范技术”  论坛当天,一些精准种牙技术的先期体验者也Came to the scene.
They said that this precision dental implant technology experience is good, and the effect after dental implantation is particularly good.
In this regard, the reporter made a special interview with Mr. Niu who has come to the follow-up clinic and is 83 years old.
He said, “In the beginning, the children advised me to have my teeth planted earlier. I had a strong objection. I always thought that I was too old and could not grow my teeth because of pain.
But I had to be impressed with the technique one week after the tooth was implanted. The tooth used was very effective, and I could eat whatever I wanted. ”
The president of the German Federal Association of Stomatologists donated 1,000 charity implants to the Guangdong Ai Dental Project.
图为受助代表接受捐赠  建立“中德数字化精准种植技术研究中心”等三大口腔精准医学技术中心,启动“德国专家广大口腔医院常态化坐诊机制”,中德携手迈向“口腔精准医学新”Time” This article only represents the author’s point of view, and does not represent the point of view of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!