[How to make curry rice]_Curry rice_How to make_How to make

[How to make curry rice]_Curry rice_How to make_How to make

I believe that everyone has eaten a lot of curry, and the method of curry is no stranger to it. Curry, as a delicious ingredient, can match many kinds of ingredients, and curry with rice is even more exciting.Ah, how to make a bowl of delicious curry rice, I believe you must be interested.

The word “curry” corrects Tamil, meaning “many spices are cooked together.” It is said that the hometown of curry is in India.

Only red is used to cook curry, but not only red, but also yellow and green, orange and brown, both medium, small and spicy, please enjoy red and green when you enjoy it.The hottest is to be able to teach them the same level and depth . There are many types of curries, divided by country, and their origins are India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc .; they are divided by color, red, blue, and yellow.In other words, there are about a dozen different types of curries based on the different ingredients, and the combination of these diverse and diverse spices can make up a variety of unexpected curries.Strong aroma.
Ingredients: curry rice, meat: beef, pork, chicken, chicken, cut into small pieces: potatoes-cut into pieces (smaller), carrot-diced, onion-cut into small pieces, seasoning: cooking oil, salt, curry pieces.

Production method: 1. Put oil in the pan and fry the meat.

2. Put the vegetables in the pan and fry with the meat. Pay attention to put more oil (of course, don’t put too much), and also add an appropriate amount of salt (you can also leave it first, if the salt is not enough after the curry is mixed)With salt).

3, the dishes are a bit cooked, add water over the dishes, and cook over low heat.

4. The dishes are all cooked through. On low heat, mix the curry powder with a small amount of cold water (the amount of curry powder can be based on your taste), then pour into the pot and stir well.

Add the curry while you taste.

5. Continue cooking for 5 minutes.

6. Make rice separately, top with vegetables and soup.