Walnut kernel can nourish kidney for nocturnal emission

Walnut kernel can nourish kidney for nocturnal emission

Walnut kernels, also known as walnut kernels, are the kernels (seeds) of the mature fruits of the walnut family Juglans. They are used raw or cooked, and are one of the most popular dried fruits.

  Regarding the medicinal value of walnut kernels, there have been clear records in ancient times. For example, “Kai Bao Materia Medica” described walnut kernels as “an unpleasantly fat, healthy, and substitute for eating”; “Compendium of Materia Medica” considers walnut kernels to “enrich Qi”Nourishing blood, moistening phlegm, benefiting life, benefiting Sanjiao, warming the lungs and intestines.

Relieve cold and wheezing, severe pain in waist and feet, pain in heart, abdomen and kidney, blood intestinal wind, scattered swelling and poison, acne, copper poisoning.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that walnut kernels are sweet and warm, enter the lungs, kidneys, and large intestine meridians, and have kidney, kidney and yang, lungs and lungs, phlegm and asthma, intestinal laxative, astringent essence and other functions.

Walnut kernels are commonly used clinically with ginger, asarum and schisandra to treat asthma and asthma; with eucommia ulmoides, Chuan Duan, psoralen for kidney deficiency, backache, soft feet, nocturnal emission of impotence; with angelica, cistanche, clam shell for intestinal dryness constipation; with stone reed, Qu Mai, Fuzhu treatment of stone leaching and abdominal pain, hematuria; with Poria cocos, Sophora flavescens, Snake bed, stir-fried scorched into a paste for external application, can cure eczema, dermatitis.

  In addition to walnut kernels, Qinglongyi (succulent peel of unripe walnuts) can be bitter and flat, which can cure vitiligo and viral hepatitis; walnut shell (wooden endocarp of walnut) can cure mange; distracted wood (walnut fruit)The septum of the ovary) is bitter and astringent, with coriander, psoralen, wolfberry can cure kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission; walnut branches can cure tumors; walnut leaves have anti-inflammatory and lower blood pressure effects.