Nutrition for sporty kids

Nutrition for sporty kids

According to the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Journal, some parents believe that exercise requires a lot of protein, so they eat a lot of high-protein foods such as beef and eggs for their children every day, thinking that this can supplement their energy.

actually it is a kind of misunderstand.

Supplement nutrition for sports-loving children. During exercise, muscle activity increases, and sugar and auntie are consumed, not protein.

Too much protein increases the acidity of the blood, causing discomfort and fatigue.

Therefore, children have a large amount of exercise, and should expect to pay attention to sugar and a small amount, supplemented with protein.

Sports-loving children who want to get real benefits from high-precision foods should consume complex sugars, such as beans, bread, porridge, rice, etc. These foods can slowly oxidize in the body to provide children with exercise energy.

Children who love sports also need to add vitamins and trace elements.

Therefore, fresh vegetables such as potatoes, green beans, animal livers, and bananas, pears and other fruits should also be supplemented as much as possible.

  Sports nutritionists believe that nutritional supplementation needs to be done before the child participates in sports 2?
3 hours.

Because aunt food digests and absorbs slowly, it can release energy effectively at this interval.

If you eat foods rich in fat and sugar after exercise, you will easily gain weight.