Encounter tricky question a clever handle a job interview

Encounter “tricky question” a clever handle a job interview

Road Jian is 2003 graduates, a student of computer science, learning in school is very good, after graduation, in a company for two years and a half, the business has been the backbone of the company.
However, since people are too honest, not good interpersonal and communication, so there is no good any promotion and a raise, he felt wronged, Spring Festival this year adopted a job-hopping approach.
I did not expect 2006 employment peak year career crowd trouble tsunami, competition is very fierce.
With the resume of work experience, also got three job interviews, but because there is no interview experience, they are not good words express, not to sell themselves, the results are to blow it, actually at home unemployed for six months.
  The first part: interview whole process procedure and handling all aspects, including before the interview, the interview, the interview, the interview etiquette.
  Second part: all kinds of scenes interview to cross the border, especially stress interview, in addition to general problems, professional problems, English issues.
  Third part: pianti handling skills: tricky question is the main reason for the failure Road Jian preceding the interview, so it is coaching focus.
  Interview encountered tricky question, must hearts hesitant, do not know how to answer, much deliberation, finally got it wrong.
In fact, migraine appear question, the interviewer when the stress interview, depending on each person, the problem temporarily raised, but is not prepared in advance only.
When answering such questions, it is a principle: standing on the company’s point of view, stood the boss’s point of view to answer the question, that is to say, let you conduct some empathy.
As long as you stand is standing on the company’s point of view, generally not a big problem, at least correct eighty percent of.
(This point must remember.
)  偏题分析举例:  (一) 如果我们公司这次没有录取你,但过一段,被录取的人中有没能渡过试用期的,腾出位置来,再通知你,你还会再来吗?  Analysis: This is a very acute problem, kill two birds with one stone, both to look at your level of acceptance of the company, but also in the study of your character.

错误回答:  1) 为什么我还要再来?I’m not finding a job.
  2) I do not want to wait, to say I was probably already being used by another company admitted.
  3) Now do not admit me, indicating that the company is not optimistic about me, I’m coming there is no meaning.
  Responses: had to take the bear to the company’s regret, find another job.

正确回答:(别忘了换位思考原则)  呵呵,老师,那就说明我是一个“替补队员”了,能给一个强队当“替补队员”,也是很光荣的事,我肯定会高高兴Hing to.
Besides, “the main players” are from “substitutes” dry up.
As long as my future work hard, certainly from the “substitute” promoted “main players”, and now, since I was “substitutes”, it means I should also make greater efforts than the “main players” in order to meet the companyrequirements.
I’m sure I can strive to become the company’s “main players” for the company to make my biggest contribution.
Thank you teacher gave me a chance.
  Responses: Probably now you can hire you.
  (B) if the company gives you a wage, did not meet wage demands on your resume, you have come to our business?
  1. 错误回答:  1) 这是我的工资底线,如果达不到,那我可能就会考虑另外一个公司了.
  2) I probably would not necessarily come, because I think my request is not high.
  3) If that’s the case, that wages after I quit also lower than the original salary, I want to think about it.
  Responses: because wage differentials is almost the same, and never lose a development opportunity.
  2. 正确回答:(别忘了换位思考原则)  工资是我需要考虑的一个问题,但公司更是我要考虑的问题。I also saw in a company’s corporate culture, development prospects, and I am in the company’s development platform.
For a young, promising “pay Love” is more important than others.
Moreover, each company has its own wage, I believe that my ability to achieve the company’s job requirements, the company will not give me lower than others pay, if my ability to reach the company’s job requirements, Iraise wages no matter how high, is not appropriate.  Responses: the company’s HR will cast affiliated eyes.

  (C) you are working in the company, if the same office of a person, the ability not you strong, but wages are higher than you, you will not have ideas, mental energy balance?
  2. 错误回答:  1) 我当然不平衡,那我还干的什么意思?  2) If his abilities better than me, I would not have thought.

If not I strong, I’m sure mentally unbalanced.
(路健就是这样回答的)  3) 如果公司对待员工是这样的不公平,肯定企业文化有问题,这样的公司只有走人。  Responses: As the company does not admit, mind and added a imbalance.


The correct answer 🙁 Do not forget the principle of empathy) salary is the most sensitive employee issues, companies generally try to deal with, if the capacity of the colleagues as my salary is also higher than me, certainly he is stronger than me in other ways

。或者,他能为公司解决一些我们不知道的问题,  所以,老板给他定了高于我的工资。In the company, I do not want the others sideways ratio, because there are a lot of my knowledge of things.
I like to think of themselves with their bristling over, as long as they own the past appreciation, there is a sense of accomplishment ratio; if they think the company paying me and my ability to match the psychological will not imbalance, but also feel dry Tingyousomething to look forward.