Afternoon comment: Shanghai stock index surged down and military and other alternative technologies were active

Afternoon comment: Shanghai stock index surged down and military and other alternative technologies were active

After the Securities Times’s general rise, the differentiation expanded.

Affected by the implementation of the new refinancing policy and the MLF’s “interest rate cut”, market risks have increased significantly. Yesterday’s rare rises in the stocks of the two cities have transformed the stocks into full bloom, leading the GEM to rebound to a new high.

  However, in the process of the upward movement of the index, the Shanghai Index successfully covered the gap in the downward gap on the first day of the rat year. At this point, the four major indexes have fully covered the upward and downward gaps, which also indicates that the market is fully restored to reverse the normal situation.

  In the early morning today, the stock market indexes of the two cities continued to rise, but then they immediately fell and fluctuated. Financial related stocks such as insurance, banks, and securities firms fell across the board, dragging down 上海夜网论坛 the performance of stock indexes. Aerospace and other military stocks continued to be strong. Electronic components,Security, software and other technology stocks continued to be active, and the rare earth permanent magnet sector’s long-lost profit rose sharply.

  At noon, the Shanghai stock index fell 0.

39%, SZSE Component Index fell 0.

19%, GEM Index rose 0.

3%, a new high of more than three years.

  CITIC Securities believes that based on the expectations of the “two sessions” counter-cyclical adjustment policy and the loosening of the refinancing policy of the Securities Regulatory Commission, it is expected that A-shares will maintain high risks in the short term, and upward momentum is still in place.

Under the judgment that the epidemic does not change the medium and long-term trend of talents, it is expected that the GEM and the small and medium-sized boards will continue to outperform the main board. It will insist on the technology sector represented by consumer electronics, semiconductors and new energy vehicles, and the medicine represented by innovative drugs.The sector is the focus of medium and long-term allocation, and it is recommended to focus on sectors that benefit from countercyclical policies.

  Fortune Securities said that the short-term impact of the outbreak on the fundamentals of the first quarter was obvious, but the policy expectations were strengthened or hedging the short-term impact.

The financial system issued this time is the first to make efforts, including the declining MLF and LPR interest rates.

Compared with the impact of the epidemic situation in 2020 in the past years, the start of the return journey has been slow, and the number of passengers in the country has been gradually reduced by 47.

5%, the delay in resumption of work leads to a slower recovery of production. Compared with new industries, the impact of traditional industries still requires the market to digest the adverse effects of the epidemic.

  The release of the new refinancing rules is conducive to increasing market risks in the short term and raising market expectations of policies. However, the new refinancing rules are not a signal of a short-term market shift. Later, we need to pay attention to changes in epidemics and resumption.

The industry is concerned about technology, securities companies, and new energy vehicles.