Tips for whitening skin in winter


Tips for whitening skin in winter

From the perspective of beauty skin care, winter is a good time for whitening skin care.

As long as your winter skin is well maintained and you want fair skin, it is not a problem.

Therefore, today, I will introduce some specific skin whitening techniques suitable for winter use. You can try it. The skin care effect is very good.


Homemade honey lemonade whitening “Anti-sky stunt” homemade honey lemonade, so that you can come back white in just a few months is not a problem!

First, soak the lemon in clean water, then rinse it with running water, remove the air-dried water, and blanch it with water (disinfection can slightly eliminate the bitterness of the lemon). Dry it after picking it up. This step is a disinfection measure for the food itself!

Wash and dry the glass sealed bottle (note that it should be washed with a small amount of detergent).

  First, cut the lemon in half, then cut it into 0 in order.

5cm sheet.

Pour the honey into a glass sealed bottle (pour a layer) and add a few slices of lemon, followed by a layer of honey, a layer of lemon, and finally the honey must cover the height of the lemon.

(The basic dosage is 500g of honey + 3 lemons) After making, cover the glass sealed bottle, put it in a cool backlight or refrigerate and marinate for 5-7 days, then take it out and rinse it.

(Be careful to use warm boiling water to drink) A cup of honey lemonade every day, whitening the whole body, the effect is better than whitening essence, facial mask and other skin care products.


Homemade whitening mask to reproduce the tender skin milk banana mask material: milk, banana Steps: pour whole milk into a clean bowl, peel the bananas to remove the meat, mash it into a mud, and fill it with milkIn a bowl, add water after stirring, apply directly to both ends, and wash after 15 minutes.