Wrap wrap to lose weight can cause skin disease


Wrap wrap to lose weight can cause skin disease

Preservative film can keep the food delicious, but nowadays some women who are pursuing slim have developed its new “function” before using sports wrap to lose weight.

However, relevant experts pointed out that this “prescription” is not scientific, not only can not achieve the effect of weight loss fundamentally, it may also cause a variety of skin diseases.

銆€銆€Many women hold a plastic wrap around their body before going to the gym.

An “experience person” who often visits the gym said that in the most wanted part of the weight loss, a few layers are wrapped around, and it is entangled in the airtightness, and then moved to the aerobics room or treadmill to achieve weight loss.
More than 80% of the bodybuilders are wrapped in plastic wrap around the waist before the fitness, thighs and other parts that tend to accumulate.

A short one will last for an hour or two, and a long one will last for three or four hours.

Asked about the feeling of wrap, most people said: “Wrapped in plastic wrap is really stuffy and hot, very uncomfortable, but after exercise is obviously more sweat than the unwrapped place.

Therefore, I believe in the “prescription”.

銆€銆€In addition, some cheap plastic wraps do not fall into the “trend”, except that the “usage” can be used for “food packaging”, simply printed the words “can be used for exercise to lose weight”, this “guiding role” alsoCan not be underestimated.

銆€銆€Experts advise: plastic wrap weight loss is not scientific, and can not fundamentally lose weight.

Wrap the body with cling film, because the local temperature is increased, it is easy to remove the moisture of fecal cells and other tissue cells, instead of consuming feces.

After drinking water, the body will return to its original state.

Long-term wrap the body with plastic wrap, so that the skin can not dissipate heat and the sweat accumulates locally, which is easy to cause skin diseases such as eczema and folliculitis.

In addition, the cling film itself is a chemical, it is also easy to cause skin allergies, causing harm to the body.