Chinese medicine reminder: don’t fry Chinese medicine too thickly

Chinese medicine reminder: don’t fry Chinese medicine too thickly

Guide: Some people, when taking Chinese medicine, feel that the Chinese medicine is bitter and difficult to swallow, they will continuously cook the Chinese medicine, the medicine liquid is fried very thick, only a little bit of medicine liquid is left, which is not desirable.

First of all, the active ingredients of the drug leak from the inside of the drug to the liquid during the decoction. When the liquid reaches a certain concentration when the liquid is cooked for a certain period of time, the active ingredients stop precipitating, and the concentration of the drug will not increase.

In fact, some medicines continue to be cooked, and the active ingredients will continue to volatilize and decrease. For example, the anti-table drugs, the active ingredients will volatilize with water vapor. The longer the cooking time, the more volatilization and the lower the efficacy.

Third, the drug is fried too thick, the bitterness and astringency are heavier, and nausea and vomiting are more likely to occur.

Therefore, in order to better exert the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, do not fry the medicine too thickly during decoction. Generally, the amount of decoction in each decoction cannot be interchanged with 200 ml.120 ml.