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Water lock + revitalize skin to rejuvenate

Only moist, translucent skin is healthy, but the skin of many people is in a “sub-healthy” or even “ill” state.

Today I will teach you a two-pronged approach, lock in water and revitalize your skin, let your skin rejuvenate, and be a radiant beauty!

  5 steps to lock water: 1.

When the skin is most relaxed, drink water and experience a rest all night. In the morning, like ours, skin is the most relaxed moment, so it is the easiest time to inject moisture in the day. Therefore, choose a moisturizing ingredient in the cleansing process.product.

Another trick, you can apply a layer of moisturizing lotion before cleansing, which is more conducive to the active skin, and it is easier to be awakened and fully mobilized to wait for better ground to absorb nutrients.


Give Essence and Lotion for 5 seconds. Breathing serum contains a large amount of moisturizing essence. It takes a process for the skin to fully absorb, and the lotion can fully lock this moisture.

Therefore, at this time of the day, you need to give the essence and lotion a respite, not much, just 5 seconds.

Skin experts tell us that if the essence is not fully absorbed, it can become a burden.


The skin is a bit nervous and moisturizing spray to soothe the closed environment of the office so that you will be dehydrated intuitively, and the skin will also become nervous and even wrinkle.

It’s time for the moisturizing spray to come out. This is the star who has the highest appearance rate in the all-day moisturizing and locking step.

Refreshing, hydrating, and alleviating skin tension. Sometimes taking care of our skin also requires some comfort.


The skin favorite mask is alternately used at 9 pm The best time for the skin to start self-healing, the skin’s thirst for nutrition is the hottest, and it is also the time when it is most easy to absorb nutrients.

So we can wait with a moisturizing mask with great power.

Whether it is a paper sticker or a cleansing mask, you can use it alternately every day.


Cell most active beauty sensation + deep moisturization Before the golden time of beauty sensation, you have to prepare to fall asleep, this time the cell is most active.

Highly recommended for creamy or deep moisturizing products.

Whether it’s plump thickness or long-lasting deep water lock function, it’s worth your money.

So it ‘s okay to have more intensity at night. If you add some moisturizing massage products, it will be more perfect!

  Quick Revitalization 1.

In 40 minutes, skin rejuvenation is a sauna for the face: after wrapping ice cubes with a towel or immersing in ice water, apply ice packs, wait for a few minutes, and then steam the face with hot steam.Awakens the vitality of skin cells.

  If you have plenty of time, you can also take a hot bath and rinse your face with a shower of water while showering to promote facial blood circulation.

Exfoliating the face will make skin dull and dull due to thick horny skin.

Finally, to make a facial mask for 10-15 minutes, or add some lemon or bergamot plant essential oils to the massage gel containing active ingredients, the warmth of hand temperature combined with the effect of aromatherapy is also rapidA great way to find the perfect look.

  In the morning, don’t forget to drink a glass of fresh juice to supplement your body with vitamins.


10-minute rejuvenation When the cheeks and eyelids are swollen, you can use cold water to wash your face to refresh your skin.

Use a hot towel to open the pores of the skin on the face, and then apply a moisturizing gel mask for 4 minutes to improve the penetration of skin cells.

Or take a massage gel containing ginkgo, green tea and vitamin E into the palm of your hand, and rub it until it is warm, and then extend along the muscle texture from the bottom to the top. Use a circular massage to improve the skin.The temperature, metabolic cycle of active cells.

This way you can easily get rid of your tired face.


When skin rejuvenation stays up for 5 minutes or sleep is inadequate, the skin is prone to appear swollen and loose and lack luster.

Fresh morning juice is still essential.

Wash your face with cold water to quickly wake up your skin.

At the same time, skin care products with a firming effect are added to the liquid foundation, mixed at a ratio of 1: 1 and used afterwards to make the skin appear plump and firm.
  Vegas Vegas Revitalizing Mineral Nutrition Mud (White Mud) ¥ 480.
00 / 500g can soothe and relieve tired and tired skin, eliminate excess dead cells, replenish sufficient moisture and vitality, greatly reduce dry lines and wrinkles on the skin, make skin soft and vibrant, and restore vitality.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and extremely dry skin.

  Netizens’ experience: emma_yu62 dry skin. My skin is dry and sensitive. After use, I have no sensitivity first, and it is good at exfoliating, especially like girls with thin skin. It is very suitable and can replace exfoliating cream.Now, in terms of cleaning the skin every week, this mask is recommended, twice a week at most.

After using it, use a moisturizing mask.

  Editor’s comment: Gentle cleansing and moisturizing, little irritation, and the complexion will become ruddy. Elastic recommended index: ★★★★ ☆ Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrition Essence Water (Red Pomegranate Water) ¥ 480

00 / 200ml fresh nutrient essence water can sweep away dullness and fatigue.

Can neutralize free radical damage to skin.

The previous red pomegranate extract is full of essences, and its abundant energy is far more than other fruits.

Cocktail-like powerful antioxidant ingredients, play an excellent detoxifying and repairing function, promote cell metabolism and replenish energy.

  Netizens’ experience: Angelhomecat mixed skin / 8-year-old rubbing on the beach immediately feels very moist and feels very moisturizing. After use, gently pat it until it is absorbed, the skin is very tender and smooth!

Helps touch the face, it’s really smooth!


And the scent stays in the palm of your hand all the time, and there is a fresh smell in the air!

?It feels very good moisturizing all day after use!

  Editor’s comment: There is a touch of fruity fragrance, translucent water and lotion, fast absorption, breathable moisture, and improve dullness. Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ aa Ji Rui Ying Run skin nourishing lotion ¥ 98.

00 / 125ml stimulates the vitality of skin cells, moisturizes the skin, makes the skin flawless and radiant.

Active minerals, maintain the skin’s best hydrated balance, improve skin texture and effectively prevent dryness.

Soft texture, beauty essence, create silky and soft skin.

Recommended for skin types.

Dermatology expert formula verified, no irritation, non-allergic slflpc sensitive skin / 22 years old I have sensitive skin, now I have no allergies with this.

It’s really like she said: “No irritation, no allergies.”

It is silky to the touch and easily penetrates into the skin, moisturizes the skin, makes the skin flawless and radiant (it is really bright after it is applied).

Absorption feels almost because it takes about 10 minutes to fully absorb.

Moisturizing effect is good.

  Editor’s comment: Moisturizing non-greasy, affordable price Recommended index: ★★★ ☆☆ Biotherm Biotherm Hot Spring Water Elemental Essence ¥ 530.

00 / 30ml soothes, nourishes the skin, promotes the natural regeneration of the skin, restores the ideal balance, and makes the complexion natural, healthy and moisturized.

Once used, the skin instantly feels a perfect velvety touch. Within a few days, the skin is restored to a fresh, healthy, clear, silky, and more perfect absorption of skin care nutrients.

  Netizens’ experience: johnnyjjy mixed skin This is the best piece of Biotherm. It seems to condense all the moisture and energy in the hot spring water, and the skin is smooth and bright. Because of the moisture, the skin is no longer prone to oil and acneIt’s not long anymore, the pores have shrunk, it’s really good to say nothing!

  Editor’s comment: The moisturizing effect is significant, good absorption, the skin will become moist and delicate, shiny Recommended index: ★★★★★ LANEIGE Sleep Lock Water Mask ¥ 118.

The 00 / 80ml mask is a convenient sleep mask for sleeping after applying it at night.

It is non-sticky after use. It is a translucent cream mask that can go to bed after absorption.

Adapt to the 8-hour sleep biological clock to supply moisture for more scientific skin care.

  Netizens’ experience: Yanbaoer’s mixed skin shows that the skin improves a lot after getting up early. After that, the acne has been used and I have been using it. Every time I use it, I feel that the skin is full and feels full, like a cell feeling full of water.

  Editor’s comment: After using, it has obvious smoothness, good hydration effect, non-greasy, suitable for those who are afraid of trouble. Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆