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锘?bad behaviors will make your body more and more ugly

24 bad behaviors will make your body more and more ugly


Not knowing your family’s medical history Because of the existence of heredity, understanding the family members’ medical history can help you pay attention to the health of related organs in advance.

And if many malignant diseases are discovered early, the chances of cure are still great.


Ma Daha in the gym is best prepared for special fitness soft-soled shoes or thick cotton socks, because the close to the gym carpet is easy to hide and breed bacteria, such as athlete’s foot and plantar warts.

Slippers in public dressing rooms and swimming pools, although they have been sterilized, are still the most insured.


The exercise mode is constant. If you do not change the exercise mode for many years, it is easy to cause the part of the muscle strain that is often exercised, and the muscle that has not been exercised has been neglected and it is likely to make the body disproportionately develop.


Breathing is too shallow. People usually breathe too lightly.

In this way, the level of oxygen contained in the blood vessels is lower than the level of carbon dioxide, and people will feel tired.

So you should take a few deep breaths every day.


Long-term brushing data with cold water shows that human teeth are most suitable for 35-36.

A temperature of 5 seconds, if the teeth are often stimulated with cold water, it can cause bleeding gums, dental pulp fractures or other dental diseases.

The life of the teeth is on average shorter than the life of the person for more than 10 years. The root cause is the habit of “cooling the teeth”.


About the latest medical reports of routine gynaecological examinations found that in the past five years, the early detection of cervical cancer was reduced by 70%.

The initial symptoms of gynecological cancer are easily replaced, so regular gynecological secretion examination is very important.

Doctors recommend that all women over the age of 18, especially those with existing sexual experience, have at least one routine gynaecological examination every year.


Misunderstanding of “high protein diet” A more popular concept of weight loss is that protein and carbohydrates will remain in the body for a long time after mixing.

If only one is absorbed, it will reduce the time of retention and absorption in the body, thereby achieving the effect of losing weight.

However, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. If lacking causes fatigue and dehydration, vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and fiber are also indispensable.

No matter what method you use to lose weight, you must ensure that the daily intake of cereals, vegetables and fruits account for more than 55% of the total intake.


The body is always in a state of water shortage. A slight lack of water in the body can cause fatigue, because blood flow is reduced when water is scarce, and the heart has to increase the number and intensity of beating to ensure adequate blood supply.

So don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water.


The 鈥渙ne-stop鈥?mattress should be cleaned once a quarter, and the mattress should be aired for at least 2 hours a year.

The mattress is dirty and should be washed with soap and water. Do not use gasoline or detergent.

And changed to mattress 10 after half a year of use.

The beauty damage caused by perfume is the chemical composition of sandalwood oil, musk and lemon scent and alcohol. It may decompose harmful substances under the sunlight, causing burning, rash and even inflammation.

Therefore, when spraying perfume, try to avoid spraying too much on the skin too much. Spraying on the clothes can also be fragrant.


Morning exercise if you smoke in the morning If you run in the morning on a traffic jam, it is better to sleep indoors for a while.

Studies have shown that long-term inhalation of car exhaust, a gradual reduction in lung capacity by 20
%, may also lead to torsion, emphysema.

銆€銆€12 Unstable body weight changes in body weight increase the weight of 1-3 kg in one day.

Therefore, it is more accurate to fix the weight measured when you have not eaten after getting up in the morning.

Old-fashioned sneakers, bone pain and Achilles tendon strain are just one of the injuries that can be caused by old sports shoes. The service limit of a pair of running shoes is 500 kilometers, while gym shoes should be retired in 6 months because they have lost their originalProtection ability.


The principle of eating science in breakfast science should be: breakfast should be like a king, lunch should be like a prince, dinner should be like a donkey.

So breakfast should be eaten and eaten well.


According to the investigation, it is found that long-term warping of Erlang legs is likely to cause hunchback, resulting in uneven distribution of pressure between lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae. In the long run, it is bound to oppress the spinal nerves, and the warped Erlang legs will twist the blood circulation of the legs, causing leg varicose veins.

So, just put down the legs of Erlang!


Excessive exercise and 5 minutes of smoking a day is also better than a month or month of crazy exercise.

The key to having a perfect body shape is not how much you exercise, but you insist on it.


Steak taste and heat-sterilized beef patties made of beef patties are most likely to hide Salmonella and E. coli, and to eliminate these bacteria to reach a temperature of 160 掳 C.

Therefore, it is best to heat the food to a safe temperature and then eat it safely.

銆€銆€18 years old

I don’t know the plasma level “high blood lipids are not a patent for the elderly.”

Even if you have a habit of exercising, you should pay attention to your diet, or you may have high blood fat.

Because only 20% of the plasma in the body comes from the diet, genetics is also a very important reason.


The lipstick on the cosmetics counter of the direct trial counter has been tried by hundreds of people. If you don’t pay attention during the trial, you are likely to get sick.

Whether it is lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, etc., it is safer to try on the back of the hand and wrist.

Not knowing folic acid folic acid is a kind of vitamin, which forms the essence of hypertensive neural tube.

Women of childbearing age should supplement the amount of folic acid before deciding to have a baby, preferably 400 mg per day, 600 mg for women during pregnancy and 500 mg per day for lactating women.

Vegetables, beans, orange juice and nuts are rich in natural folic acid.

銆€銆€twenty one

I don’t know how to talk to a doctor and know how to talk to a doctor to restart and let him know about your condition.

For example, you often have headaches. In addition to remembering when and how long it lasts, you should also record the recent changes in body temperature and whether the physiological cycle is normal.

The more information you provide, the better your doctor will diagnose your condition.

銆€銆€twenty two

Long time no laughter is the most natural and effective way to relieve stress.

Scientists have found that the human body produces more than 3,000 cellulose and 5 billion “killer cells” that can eliminate eggs in time.

The cells of the killer in the body that has just finished laughing will increase significantly, which is a sign of “laughing”.

銆€銆€twenty three.

The indifferent office atmosphere took time to lower the other side, so it is better to calm down and straighten out the relationship.

A harmonious working atmosphere not only makes you feel comfortable, but also promotes work efficiency.

The opportunity to not “emotionalize” yourself From the point of view of mental health, long-term backlog of anger will affect physical health, and anger can become a melancholy when it is not resolved.
A woman who knows how to lose her temper and correctly vent her dissatisfaction is a mature, healthy woman.

The joys, sorrows and sorrows are human nature, there is no reason to force yourself to control emotions, but even have their own feelings, the key is to find the right channels.