How to disinfect domestic washing machines?


How to disinfect domestic washing machines?

The inside of the washing machine looks very clean, but there is a sleeve outside the washing tub. The washing water flows back and forth between the two interlayers. Over time, the interlayer will cover a lot of dirt.

These dirt not only seriously contaminate the clothes during laundry, but also endanger human health.

銆€銆€We need to clean the washing machine regularly and disinfect it.

First of all, after the new washing machine is used for half a year, it should be cleaned and disinfected every two to three months.

銆€銆€The washing machine for non-metallic liners is filled with an effective aqueous solution of 300 ppm-500 ppm (ppm), which is drained after 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

The metal liner washing machine is placed in a content of 0.

The 5%-1% glutaraldehyde solution is immersed for 10 minutes to 15 minutes and drained.

銆€銆€Because mold is very sensitive to temperature, the survival rate in water at 35 掳 C is very low, almost zero in hot water at 45 掳 C, so the use of hot water cleaning at 45 掳 C is also effective in killing mold.

銆€銆€Cleaning instructions for the washing machine: 1.

The lower drain must be higher than the drain and the water must not remain in the drain.


Wash the clothes and take them out immediately. Don’t lie in them.


Place in a relatively ventilated and dry place, avoid placing it in the bathroom.


When not in use, remove the filter bag and let it dry out to make it dry.


After washing the clothes, the water in the washing machine must be drained and opened to dry, so as to prevent residual water from forming microbial breeding ground in the machine.


After using the washing machine with the door open, use a dry rag to dry the water inside. The washing machine with the side opening should also be put into the water in the gasket at the door to dry it to avoid mold.


The drain pipe is rinsed once every time the best and best clean water has been used.