What should you pay attention to when you have a cold?


What should you pay attention to when you have a cold?

In our real life, it is very common for children to have a cold. It is very common for children to have a cold, and it will cause the child’s physical resistance to weaken, so it is more likely to get sick in later life.

Therefore, it is very important to prevent pediatric colds in life. Let’s take a look at what should be paid attention to in preventing pediatric colds.

Precautions for preventing flu in children 1. It is necessary to add clothes in a cold and warm weather, especially in autumn. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and it is hot and cold. Pay attention to adding clothes in time, but you should not suddenly add too much clothes.

Spring is warm and cold, but also dress carefully. It should be appropriate to lick a little, don’t wear too little clothes. This is what is often said to be “spring and autumn.”

In summer, the temperature of the air conditioner is not too low, too low and it is easy to catch a cold.

2, to diet Chinese medicine has been committed to “bearing three thirst, eat seven full.

“Clinical also confirmed that many diseases of children are eaten.

Eat too much, nutrition is too rich, it is easy to form food and stagnation (commonly known as food fire).

Fire is also the root cause of colds and many other diseases.

3, are easy to cause a cold if there is a lack of water, can be judged from the urine.

If you don’t urinate for a long time, it must be short of water.

4, timely treatment of “rectal” eating, then, or eating defecation, commonly known as “rectal”.

This kind of child eats a lot, it has more, indicating that the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach is poor, resulting in low immunity and easy sweating in children.

It’s hard to prevent it, and it’s a cold.

After a cold, it is also very easy to be infected with toxic myocarditis, so take the Chinese medicine in time for the rectum.

5, do not rush to fever and fever is a defensive reaction of the body, is conducive to the elimination of invading bacteria.

Children with fever, physical cooling is preferred, such as warm water bath, cold compress, cold saline enema and so on.

6, do not abuse antibiotics because the flu is caused by influenza virus infection, so antibiotics are not effective against the flu virus.

And the abuse of antibiotics can cause liver and kidney damage, diarrhea and other adverse reactions.

Pediatric influenza belongs to the category of “sickness and flu” in Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine should adopt the method of clearing away heat and detoxification, and use Yinqiao powder to dissolve Puji disinfection drink.

7, family prevention is very important in the flu season should be able to do room ventilation, tableware, toys, disinfection, reduce outing activities, wash hands and bath, drink plenty of water, diet light.

After the illness, you should rest in bed, drink plenty of water, add a variety of vitamins, keep the nasopharynx and mouth clean, and prevent complications.

The precautions about pediatric colds are introduced here. I hope that these preventive measures can really help prevent the occurrence of flu in children. Of course, as parents, we must take good care of our children in our normal life.

When the weather is cold, pay attention to the children’s clothes, usually let the children drink plenty of water to prevent the child from catching a cold.