Spring sleep diet method

Spring sleep diet method

Ingredients for Chenpi Lianzi and Baked Rice Duck Soup: 6 grams of Xinhui Chenpi, 30 grams of roasted lotus seeds, 30 grams of fried rice, 12 grams of yam, 10 grams of ginger, and 250 grams of duck meat are optional.

  Method: Wash the blood stains with water and chop the pieces.

The rice is fried in a wok until slightly yellow, the lotus seeds are washed to the heart, the Huaishan medicinal water is slightly immersed, the rinds and ginger are washed with water, then all the ingredients are put into the soup pot together, and the water is added, first boiled with Wuhu, then usedBoil for 2 hours and season.

  Efficacy: This soup can nourish the spleen and stomach, remove dampness and relieve diarrhea, and is especially suitable for those with heavy moisture and thin stools.

  Ingredients of Chinese yam and lentils rib soup: 15 grams of Huai yam, 15 grams of osmanthus, 15 grams of fried rice, 15 grams of lentils, 12 grams of Astragalus, 10 grams of atractylodes, and 200 grams of pork ribs.

  Method: first soak the Chinese yam, lentils, and barley in a wok until slightly yellow, clean the blood stains and chop pieces of pork ribs, rinse the rice, Astragalus, and Atractylodes with water, then put all the ingredients into the soup pot,Cook over medium heat for an hour and a half and season.

  Efficacy: This soup has the effect of strengthening the spleen and relieving the stomach, dehumidifying and anti-fatigue.

  Chenpi Atractylodes Pork Belly Soup Ingredients: 6 grams of Xinhui Chenpi, 30 grams of Atractylodes, half or 1 of fresh pork belly, 6 grams of Amomum villosum, and 5 slices of ginger are optional.

  Method: first remove the fat from the pork belly, add boiling water to remove the fishy smell, and scrape off the white film.

Chenpi, atractylodes, Amomum villosum, and ginger are washed with water.

Then put all the ingredients into the soup pot and boil it over a slow heat for 2 hours.

  Efficacy: This soup has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing and promoting appetite.

For abdominal distension, appetite is not fragrant, especially for indigestion.

  Codonopsis astragali and rice porridge ingredients: 15 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of codonopsis, 60 grams of fried barley, 15 grams of lentils, 2 red dates, and 100 grams of rice are optional.

  Method: first fry indica rice and lentils until slightly yellow, remove jujube with red dates, wash astragalus with water, add codonopsis into the casserole, add decoction with water; when the sauce is good, remove the drug residue, fry indica rice and stir-fried lentilsRed jujube meat and rice are boiled in the medicinal sauce together, and then boiled with low heat to make porridge.

  Efficacy: This porridge can replenish Zhongqi, strengthen the spleen and dampness, and is especially suitable for those who are fatigued in wet spring weather, and who have thin stools.

  As the saying goes: “Three doctors, seven nurses, very defense.

“You can see the nature of health.

In many people’s consciousness, only old people need health. In fact, otherwise, health is a long road. The sooner you take this road, the more you will benefit.

 Although siesta can help people replenish their sleep, give the body a full rest, increase physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and improve work efficiency in the afternoon, but siesta also needs to pay attention to scientific methods, otherwise it may be counterproductive1.

Do not go to bed immediately after lunch. After taking a nap just after eating, it may cause reflux of food, make gastric juice irritate the esophagus, feel mildly uncomfortable, and serious may cause reflux esophagitis.

Therefore, it is best to rest for about 20 minutes before lunch.


It is not appropriate to take a nap longer than a few minutes. Those who are used to sleeping for a period of time should not exceed one hour.

  Because after sleeping more, people will enter a deep sleep state, the central nervous system of the brain will be deepened, the metabolic process in the body will gradually slow down, and you will feel more sleepy when you wake up.


Siesta is best to rest in bed. The ideal siesta is supine, which can ensure more blood flow to the digestive organs and brain, supply sufficient oxygen and nourishment, help to restore brain function and help digestion and absorption.

  Too many people are used to sitting or lying on the table and sleeping in the morning. This will compress the body and affect blood circulation and neurological diseases. Otherwise, the body will not be able to get conditioning agents and rest. Seriously, it may cause cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation.

  In addition, after taking a nap, you should slowly get up. For proper activities, you can wash your face with cold water and wake up your body, so as to restore your normal physiological state.

Drink juice after siesta, this is the time to supplement vitamins, instead of squeezed squeezed juice of pears and apples.

  In addition to proper sleep supplements during lunch breaks, it is also important to completely eliminate springtime sleepiness.

  First, use olfactory stimulation to refresh your mind.

  The fragrance and cool odor can be used to stimulate the sense of smell and skin, causing a temporary “sleepy” feeling of nerve relaxation, such as scenting perfume, toilet water, cooling oil, wind oil essence, etc.

In addition, some short-lived fragrant flowers and grasses are planted and used to invigorate the spirit and suppress “spring difficulties”.

  Second, use visual stimuli to refresh your mind.

  Keep the living and working environment clean, bright, quiet, and properly arrange some lively decorations, such as flowers, insects, fish, birds, etc .; use the holiday holidays to go out and enjoy the places of interest, and use the vitality of nature to eliminate the “spring sleep”.

  Third, use sports stimulation to refresh your mind.

  Every morning, insist on going to the park or new village green area for morning exercises and doing all kinds of sports that you can do to make you full of energy and vitality.Sunlight and air are invaluable to human health. Few people who adhere to physical exercise have a “spring sleepiness” phenomenon.

  Fourth, use entertainment to stimulate refreshment.

  When you feel tired, listening to music, comedy or comic dialogue can often be shocking nerves, cheer up, and have a good effect of solving difficulties.

  Fifth, the use of taste stimulation to refresh the mind.

  Balanced diet, vegetarian diet, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and salty seasoning can stimulate the nerves of the human body and increase appetite. The energetic metabolism of the human body increases and energy requirements increase. At the same time, drink some scented spring tea appropriately to avoid “spring trouble”.
  Six, the use of temperature stimulation refreshing.

  At the beginning of spring warmth, the skin blood vessels and pores gradually expand. At this time, we must pay attention to preventing cold and keeping warm, because “spring crickets” can enhance people’s body temperature regulation and reduce “spring sleepiness”.

  Seven, use Buyang stimulation to refresh the mind.

  In the spring, the yang of the human body rises, and the qi and blood tend to the body surface, forming the physiological characteristics of yang deficiency.

At this time, properly supplement the Yangyang products to correct the deficiency of yang, restore the dynamic balance of yin and yang, and coordinate with the yin and yang in the natural world.