Often angry and sad and easily entangled with mental illness

Often angry and sad and easily entangled with mental illness

Lead: Poor emotions can easily hurt our physical health.

Today, I will tell you about the seven kinds of bad emotions that are common in daily life, and then tell everyone that there are coups to deal with bad emotions to help everyone control their emotions.

  First place: angry “I’m so angry!

“This is a word people often hang on their lips.

From a health perspective, the five angers of leisure, resentment, suffocation, gambling, and anger will make people feel bad and will leave a “bad record” in their bodies.

Experts point out that when you are angry, your face is pale, your lips are purple, your hands and feet are cold, and for a long time, it will lead to low immune function and deformed organs.

Especially the elderly with poor health, when their blood pressure rises instantly, they are prone to cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease and myocardial infarction.

  Anger-preventing agent: Experts said that before you get angry, you can close your eyes and imagine a “anger” word hanging on your face.

“Angry” means that the slave is attached to his own heart. At this time, he must give himself a psychological hint, and he must not be an emotional slave.

It is best not to be angry for more than 3 minutes, and not to make blind decisions.

American medical doctor Jonathan Dogov said that properly increasing trace amounts and protein can calm down emotions, and a spoonful of peanut butter per day is a good choice.

At the same time, buckwheat, coarse rice, etc. can also stimulate the secretion of complex amines, which is quiet.

  Second: Sadness “Nothing hurts the heart more than sadness.

“Liu Jiqian, director of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Diseases at the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told reporters that” don’t think about tea and rice “and” borrowing alcohol to alleviate sorrow “are all signs of excessive sadness.

At this time, the human sympathetic nervous system secretes a large amount of stress hormones, which causes arteries to contract and easily lead to high blood pressure.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that when a person is sad, they often have shortness of breath and even crying, which can easily cause lung injury.

  Suppressing sadness: When you are sad, you can try to pretend to smile. This “psychological fake action” is conducive to releasing bad emotions.

Or use the “happy memory method” to think about some of the previous happiness, divert your attention, and be sure to communicate with others when you are sad.

American nutritionist Dr. Jacob Tettbaum has suggested that whole grain foods and foods that substitute tryptophan can help you get rid of sadness, certain fish, meat, black beans, pumpkin seeds, and more.

  Third place: Fear “Fear of dealing with people in public. When you see a horror movie, you will scream in horror.

“People instinctively develop an emotion when they are threatened or may be injured. This is fear.

It can derive many other emotions, some of which are tension, worry, fear, anxiety, etc.

A survey in the United States shows that “fear of losing a job” is one of the things men fear most.

If you have been in a state of fear, you will have a flustered heartbeat, shortness of breath, confusion and even syncope.

  Anti-terrorist drugs: Experts say that fear is a normal psychological reaction without the need for stress and burden.

Try to calm down the facts of fear that have occurred.

Think of the worst of things and face them calmly.

You can also list the possible factors of your fear first and learn to face it.

In addition, eating a 40-gram piece of chocolate can help relieve tension and fear.

  Fourth place: Melancholy, introverted, depressed, poor communication, poor self-solving abilities . this is a common feature of some cancer patients encountered by experts in their daily work.

Gomez, a Brazilian geriatric expert, pointed out through a long-term observer: “A long-term depression will lead to the production of excessive adrenaline and corticoids, which will accelerate the aging process of the human body.

“Too many elderly people are easy to” grow old “because of the absence of women and girls from retirement, surrounded by the shadows of loneliness and depression.

  Kuan Xin Wan: When facing depression, you can think in reverse, see the good side of the problem, and actively seek happiness.

Making friends can divert one’s attention, play a few games with three or five friends, sing Peking opera or even dance a few dances, which will help eliminate the depression in my heart.

In addition, magnesium has a stable emotional effect. Eating more bananas, apples, grapes, and oats can improve your mood.

  Fifth place: Hostile modern people have a lot of work and life pressures, and they come into contact with all kinds of people every day. Among them, there are inevitably those who do not deal with them.

Hostility can turn into anxiety, and long-term accumulation can damage the immune system and more severely lead to heart damage.

Dr. Rosalind Wright of Harvard School of Public Health pointed out that negative emotions are related to lung function decline and will in turn accelerate the elderly’s lung function decline.In addition, hostility will cause high blood pressure, hypertension, etc.

  Friendly films: 80% of hostile emotions can be overcome. Try to amplify each other’s strengths, face up to the rules of the society and the workplace, think more about work, and less on interpersonal relationships.

When there are signs of hostile emotions, you can prepare a cup of green tea for yourself. Theanine can help to promote emotions and clarify ideas.

  Sixth place: Suspicious “Chinese people are most suspicious.

Something unpleasant happened in the office, forcibly connecting with himself; the husband returned a few hours late and immediately wondered if he had a third party.

“Experts say that suspicious people often feel lonely, lonely, flustered and worried, especially some elderly people, even a little thing, have to think about suspicion for a long time.

They are nervous every day, which may eventually lead to psychological breakdown, as well as anorexia and malnutrition due to restlessness in bed and sleep.

  Anti-doubt: Experts say that if you feel suspicious, you can record one advantage every day. This will enhance your self-confidence, improve your ability to communicate face to face, and reduce misunderstandings.

You can also eat some seafood products to improve your mood and eliminate the state of restlessness.

  Seventh: Acute runaway studies show that in the hot summer, about 10% of people are prone to emotional runaway, frequent disputes and friction; in winter, more patients with depression than usual.

These emotional problems are collectively referred to as “initial emotional disorders.” People who are particularly sensitive to the environment and climate will have anxiety or depression, which will seriously cause the decline of the body’s normal functions.

  Mood valve: In the summer, actively adjust the diet and daily life, use swimming and other sports methods to shift the mood.

Eating more vegetables and fruits in winter, participating in more outdoor activities, basking in the sun, and improving indoor natural light are all good for negative emotions.