Fat children are more likely to be lonely

Fat children are more likely to be lonely

US researchers report in a new issue of Applied Development Science that obese children, especially obese girls, are more prone to loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

  Researchers at the University of Missouri investigated behavioral changes in 8,000 children from kindergarten through third grade.

In the process, researchers considered factors such as the “age of onset of obesity” and the “duration of duration.”

  Researchers have found that children, especially girls, who are overweight when they start kindergarten, are more likely to show complications such as loneliness, depression, and anxiety than children with normal weight.

  参与这项研究的萨拉·盖布尔说:“研究发现,那些从上幼儿园到上小学三年级体重一直超重的女孩以及在此期间身体出现‘发福’迹象的女孩,在社交方面表现得都比较Negative and lacking self-control, it is easy to act impulsively.

“Researchers hope that teachers and parents can take effective prevention and intervention measures to make children aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and normal weight as soon as possible for their future development.