Tomatoes can cure a certain disease

Tomatoes can cure a certain disease

First, often eat tomatoes to treat ten diseases.

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Treatment of skin diseases: peel the fresh and ripe tomatoes and smash the affected area after the seeds, 2?
3 times, can cure fungus, infectious skin disease; 2.

Beauty, anti-aging: smash fresh and cooked tomatoes and add some sugar, and apply it every day to make the skin smooth and smooth, and the anti-aging effect is excellent; 美容 3.

Anti-cancer: Because tomatoes are rich in nutrients, and have certain heat-relief and detoxification, suppressing effects, insist on raw food 1?
2 fresh and ripe tomatoes, can use the role of cancer prevention and adjuvant treatment of cancer; 4.

Treatment of hypertension: choose 1 every morning?
2 fresh ripe tomatoes dipped in sugar on an empty stomach to eat, the effect of lowering blood pressure is obvious; 5,

Treatment of anemia: one tomato, one apple, 15 grams of sesame, one at a time, eat 1 daily?
2 times, long-term adherence, can cure anemia; 6.

Cure the ulcer: For patients with mild peptic ulcer, you can mix the squeezed tomato and potato juice with half a cup and drink it, once a day and night, 10 times a day, the ulcer can be cured; 7.

Hepatitis: take a spoonful of diced tomatoes, half a spoon of celery, carrots and lard, stir in boiling and then cook in the rice porridge, add salt, and consume MSG in moderation. It has an excellent effect on treating hepatitis;

Heat stroke prevention: Will 1?
2 tomato slices, similar to salt or sugar, hot soup to prevent heat stroke; 9.

High fever: Mix and stir half a cup of tomato juice and watermelon juice, drink once an hour to reduce high fever; №10.

Treatment of bleeding gums: Wash the tomatoes as fruits and eat them for half a month to cure bleeding gums.

  Second, the tomatoes are meticulous. Tomatoes of different colors have different effects on the human body: red and strong, replacing lycopene, is very good for preventing cancer.

  The orange lycopene content is low, but the carotene content is higher.

  The pink color contains a small amount of lycopene but very little carotene.

.hzh {display: none; }  浅黄色的番茄则含少量的胡萝卜素,不含有番茄红素。   If you want to meet the requirements of vitamin C, you can use all kinds of tomatoes. The key is to choose products that are fresh, seasonable and strong in flavor.Or orange, not pink or light yellow.

  Third, the taboos of eating tomatoes: (1) should not be eaten with cucumber at the same time (2) should not be taken when taking anticoagulant drugs such as heparin, dicoumarin, etc. (3) should not be taken on an empty stomach (4) should not be consumed unripe tomatoes5) Not suitable for long-term heating and cooking. (6) Forbidden to eat when using neostigmine or galantamine.