How should you make a reasonable fitness card

How should you make a reasonable fitness card

I often heard a friend sigh: “The fitness card that cost one or two thousand is about to expire, but I haven’t visited it a few times in total. The impulse is the devil. I knew I would not do it!

“I knew it early . I knew it early . I should have known it, it must be the result.

  When many people spent their money, they just pinned their hopes on this card and did not expect that this meant going through a long and arduous exercise process. The card itself did not have the effect of losing weight.

If you are only confident at the moment you spend your money, then in the future, the card is still the card, and you are still you, without any change.

  If you really want to be instructed by a professional trainer, you need to get a fitness card. In fact, there are some ways to avoid waste.

This needs to start with your psychological problems.


Choose the gym closest to your home or company to save you the fatigue of the road, and the weather will not be an excuse for you.


Find a friend, encourage each other, and urge each other to give each other great support in spirit. If one party gains, it can also serve as a good example for the other party.


Find a good fitness instructor.

One-on-one coaching will give you a normal training plan and be able to urge you.

And since spending money to hire a coach, it is also a good motivation for your own exercise.

  In fact, I have always advocated that as long as you are active, there are gyms everywhere.

Running, sit-ups, skipping, etc., many sports are not only done in the gym.

Even if you don’t go out, you can buy a treadmill in the living room and exercise at a fixed time every day.

  A fitness card doesn’t urge you from a person who doesn’t love sports to become a sports madman immediately.

Without a fitness card, it can’t be a reason to not exercise or exercise.

The most fundamental solution is to let yourself fall in love with sports from your heart, don’t take it as a burden, then naturally you will not always think about making excuses for your laziness.

When exercise becomes your habit, a good figure will come naturally.