Optimize four basic points of fitness


Optimize four basic points of fitness

Whether you want to optimize your fitness results or are murdering to start your fitness journey, it is important to establish your own training goals in the following four basic fitness elements.


Aerobic exercise Any activity you do, from walking to washing, requires oxygen, so it can be called aerobic exercise.

Frequent aerobic exercises can improve your body’s ability to use oxygen.

The efficiency of the body’s use of oxygen is called the 鈥渙xygen demand capacity鈥? The body’s oxygen demand capacity changes, and the heart, lungs and blood vessels can transport the body and provide oxygen with efficiency.

銆€銆€Aerobic exercise is also very helpful for military daily activities. It not only maintains the normal function of the heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscle tissue, but also enhances the potential of these organ tissues to cope with sudden challenges such as running and moving.Things and so on.

銆€銆€The key to improving your body’s oxygen needs is to seek out some exercise programs that you like and can maintain, and avoid repeating a fitness activity.

If you want to add a little trick to your workout, you can increase the initiative and fun of your workout by experimenting with different types of aerobic activities (such as dancing, cycling and water exercises).

Even if you only have 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, you can get a good health condition as long as you stick to it.


Muscle training Muscle exercise can increase muscle strength and endurance.

The stronger your muscles, the more you will be able to handle your daily routines, whether you are moving heavy loads, tidying up the garden or scrubbing the floor.

Strength training is also very helpful for improving the health of the body. While increasing muscle mass, it also improves the body’s metabolism level, which is a great substitute for weight loss.

銆€銆€Strength training methods include: free strength exercises, restraint belt training, strength equipment, and the use of their own weight, which can improve muscle strength and endurance.

Similarly, when doing muscle training, try to do a little exercise to ensure that the muscles of the whole body are balanced.


The highest level of training is the only range of motion for each joint.

This exercise is very simple and can be achieved through limb contraction exercises.

As long as the various joints of the body become flexible, it is easy to engage in daily activities such as carrying bags, bending over and running, and running.

銆€銆€The strength training method to enhance muscle strength is very helpful to improve the body’s performance, but if you can add the contraction exercise, it will significantly enhance the effect of the exercise.

In addition, yoga and tai chi exercises are also helpful for improving joint replenishment and are worth trying.


Stability and Balance The stability and balance of the exercise is strong and close to the muscles in the core of the body. The core is the muscles around the waist, abdomen, diaphragm and pelvis.

The muscles in these core parts provide systematic support for the body’s various activities, thus providing stability and balance.

銆€銆€By exercising the core muscles, not only can you correct bad postures, but it can also prevent low back pain, and it is also very beneficial to prevent falls in the elderly.

銆€銆€Under the management of your own fitness program, or follow the practice of personal trainers, appropriate aerobic exercises, muscle training, exercise exercises and core exercises to enhance stability and balance as the main content of fitness, in order to constitute a perfectFitness program for the best fitness results.